implantation in Israel

Loss of teeth - a common phenomenon. Teeth lose because of the injury, destruction, gum disease, or normal wear and tear and aging. Until recently, the most common way to restore missing teeth weredentures. Today implants every day is gaining popularity, as it guarantees a long service life set of teeth, attractive appearance, functionality. Restoring the lost teeth with implants, it is easy to prevent the decrease of bone tissue, providing gums healthy.

Dental implant - an artificial substitute for the root used in situations where there was a tooth loss. Neat titanium screw implanted in the jaw bone, creating a solid foundation for the load of the root crown. Titanium is biocompatible with the tissues of the human body, so the introduction of mechanisms for osseointegration - a quick process. Dental implants in Israel offers a long warranty period. In most cases, subject to the recommendations of dentists, lifetime warranty. In terms of care implants unpretentious. For them to care, both for his own teeth, including brushing, use floss, toothpicks, brushes and trips to the hygienist twice a year.

Those people who For are interested in Israeli dentistry , implants and methods for simultaneous recovery of functionality and aesthetics of the smile, the focal point affordable but offers high qualitymedical treatment abroad .

Israel is rightly recognized as a leader implant industry. Most of the famous brands that produce implants, is located in Israel. Using artificial titanium screws can instantly change appearance, to recreate the lost natural teeth with maximum effect. Today, dental implants in Israel takes place in one step.

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Simultaneous implantation in Israel

Innovative Technology dental restoration is an alternative to the classical method of installing implants. It is convenient for busy people who can not devote much time to go to the doctor and must always have a perfect appearance. If the implied traditional dental implants, prices are high enough procedure, the dental restoration process is long and ranges from six months to 18 months. In this period the obligatory visit to the doctor for the recommended schedule, which means that overseas flights will take away a significant part of the budget, scheduled for implantation.

When it comes to the basal implant, the result is noticeable immediately. You do not have to wait up to six months, covering the absence of teeth in the mouth. The technology is not intended to increase the volume of the missing bone. On the day of the implant you leave the doctor's office with functional temporary crowns, securely mounted on the titanium screws. In Israel, the implants installed in one day, eliminating the need to carry out several operations, significant damage to the soft tissues in the mouth, pain for a long time.

Basal resort to implantation, when the mouth is not more than three teeth. As a special form of screws are used, their installation involves the free space in the oral cavity. basal implantation procedure requires a great deal of professionalism by conducting her physician, experience and practice.

Look for the network of dental implants reviews Israel - to get acquainted with them, you will see that people are talking about how they could use the implants as early as the day of installation. Full load is not affected the healing process of newly acquired teeth. However, some patients and does point out that had atrophied jawbone and teeth are found, avoiding the tedious procedures sinus lifts and bone grafting.

Advantages of single-stage dental implants in Israel

The advantages of single-step method of installing implants - atraumatic technique, humanity procedures, conduct which even allowed for patients aged. Due to the implantation procedure is rarely more than a few days. Usually the doctor fit in 1-4 days. In contrast to the classical scheme of implantation, one-step model is used, even in dealing with patients, it appears diabetes and osteoporosis in whose history. It is prohibited in cases of serious failures in the blood system, with psychological disorders, disorders of the heart muscle (except hypertension). Contra-stage implantation is much smaller than conventional. But independently put a diagnosis is impossible, everything is decided by the attending physician, carefully examining the state of your health.

Among the advantages of the Israeli dental implants simultaneous:

  1. The absence of pain at the time of installation.
  2. Refusal of removable prosthetic constructions, designed for temporary operation. Established orthodontic device has a permanent basis, can not be removed, not replaced then the long term.
  3. Comfort during installation and after reconstruction of dentition - not change it, articulation, diction, breathing.
  4. Is not present sensation of a foreign body in the mouth.

Simultaneous implantation rates in Israel has available, the service does not involve regular visits to the doctor, quick rehabilitation period, the risk of complications is minimized due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure.

The protocol of dental implants in Israel

At the beginning of the service the doctor performs gentle anesthesia carries a small incision in the implantation of a titanium screw implants implant at an angle, it is good to plant them, which is especially important when the implantation is performed with a lack of bone tissue . Then Implantologist sutures the gingiva and sets the bit for abutment fixing denture.

On the one-step implantation of teeth in Israel, prices may vary. Much depends on:

  • used implants;
  • medical skills;
  • technology of the procedure;
  • number of roots;
  • specific clinical picture, which turned the patient.

In order to be diagnosed and to assess upcoming expenditure, please call us. Operators coordination center to advise on any questions professionally and promptly.

Laser implantation in Israel

The implantation is increasingly used laser systems. Effect of the laser on the body during the operation has long been known. The method is endowed with a number of advantages over using conventional surgical scalpel. Among them:

  • reducing the time of the operation;
  • high accuracy in implementing the cuts, safety;
  • bloodless surgery;
  • disinfecting effect antiseptic tissues;
  • rapid healing of injuries.

The equipment allows to avoid unnecessary pain and injury.

Comments about dental implants in Israel

In clinics implant country implanting a variety of methods of introduction of titanium roots in the patient's jaw. Survival of the implanted screw is 98%. Subject to the recommendations of dental implants during the operation lifetime. Israeli scientists annually produce innovative therapies, the likes of which no country in the world. Thus the cost of dental implants services in Israel is lower than in European clinics an average of 30-50%.

Lisa, 41 years old. Moscow

"I decided to install implants in Israel after she learned their value in Russia. The price is comparable, but I think that the country, which produce most of the imported in Russia implant systems, has achieved great success in the treatment. I play sport , fond of riding racing bikes. At unsuccessful falling lost several teeth in the smile zone. Because of the nature of their activities represent the face of the company, in which the toil, the media, leaving a lack of aesthetic in the mouth there was no way. I phoned to the coordinators, issued on the vacation and hit the road. the guys responded quickly to my request, offered several treatment options, several candidates Implantology doctors, on each of which I easily found information on the Internet. I will not announce the name of my doctor, so I'm not accused of advertising, but I can say one thing. This careful attention to itself, a delicate and careful treatment, I have not met for many years. It was very nice to feel the care and warmth from the clinic staff. The doctor tried to make me not only healthy, but also beautiful J offered a one-step implantation, I agreed. Just a couple of weeks, and the new sparkling white smile. He returned to Russia satisfied and happy. Family and friends say that the changes went in my favor. Thanks! ".

Tanya, 36 years old. lions

"Oh, and I namuchalas teeth. However, not mine, and my father. I could not hold it implanting due to diabetes, but read somewhere that in Israel, it is not an obstacle to the carrying out of implantation. I phoned the center, outlined the situation, asked for help. I responded to my call immediately. the guys asked something which documents his father's health got instant consultation. We were allowed to go !!! Finally, I felt that the situation will change soon . Tired of their not yet old, but this toothless dad. the Center helped draw up the documents, found variants in Israel, offered different price segments treatment. Decided that determine the final in Israel, after consultation with a specialist. And so it happened . They offered us a basal implantation. After a short time set father support teeth (6 pieces in the jaw) and set a fixed prosthesis. Stop looking at it now I can not. This again became pleasant. And most importantly, we were able to avoid additional surge ry to rebuild the bones in the jaw. I think that for an elderly person - is good. Less damage, faster wound tightened, especially with such a sore, like his. Since the trip took six months. No complications or failures teeth are like a glove. Glad I made the right decision. The guys from bestmedika a special thank you. "

Victor, 42 years old

"Thanks to the doctors and coordinators Assuta Finally it embodied my old dream of beautiful teeth and a stunning smile. I have abnormal mobility of teeth, I could not do anything about it. In Israel dealt with my problem, and even on the sides restore missing teeth with implants. Happy with the result. Thanks! ".