"Bill of Rights" for cancer patients: 10 care principles

Scientists said the "gaps" in the provision of health care for patients with cancer and have suggested a potential solution to this problem.

Published: 12/03/2020

The combination of ultrasound and MRI biopsy improves the diagnosis of cancer

Combining prostate biopsy with MRI biopsy standard 12 points under ultrasound guidance exceeds any mono-technique.

Published: 11/03/2020

The new guidelines defined observation interval after colonoscopy

Surveillance intervals after colonoscopy and polypectomy can be up to 10 years for small low-risk adenomas.

Published: 06/03/2020

E Coli strain linked to the 5% of cases of colorectal cancer

Scientists have found that a specific strain of E. coli that produces a toxin kolibaktin, may increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

Published: 04/03/2020

Conserving local surgery is possible in some cases of rectal cancer

Currently, the estimated new approaches that can save the patient from surgery and related complications.

Published: 03/02/2020

Pembrolizumab improves response to therapy for early stage breast cancer

The study showed that the addition of neoadjuvant chemotherapy pembrolizumaba to increase the frequency of complete pathological response in the early stages of breast cancer.

Published: 27/02/2020

A new system of screening for breast cancer

Scientists have created a new srininga breast cancer system that is faster, easier and cheaper to use than the standard methods for identifying tumors.

Published: 25/02/2020

Reducing the age for screening for colorectal cancer

Whether it is necessary to reduce the age from 50 to 45 years to screen for colorectal cancer? - Scientists have answered at the Symposium on gastrointestinal cancer in 2020.

Published: 19/02/2020

The study of quality of life in prostate cancer, which may change medical practice

A new study came out STAMPEDE multiplatform study, which were used as abiraterone and docetaxel in the treatment of men with locally advanced or metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.

Published: 17/02/2020

Change the "personality" of cancer cells - the key to metastasis

Scientists have discovered that cancer cells rely on regeneration biology of wound healing and embryonic development to spread to other organs and avoid attacks immune cells.

Published: 13/02/2020