Despite the best efforts of oncologists in providing high quality and on helping the patient-oriented cancer in the United States, many cancer patients notice the "gaps" in their treatment and awareness.

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According to Joseph A. Jacobson, MD, from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, and his colleagues, patients have reported such problems as "lack of coordination between the numerous clinicians vague answers about the prognosis of the disease, complex financial tasks, often accompanied by via low. "

In an editorial published in the «JCO Clinical Practice», the scientists told us how we can improve the current situation for the treatment of cancer. They proposed a bill of rights with cancer, which is based on 10 Principles improvements cancer therapy, patient.

It was created with the help of doctors, patients, caregivers, and people who have recovered from cancer. Ten principles on which the Bill include risk reduction, diagnosis, multidisciplinary expertise, treatment, second opinion, coordinated care, and communications, support services, privacy and follow-up.

According to the authors, the solution is to carry out fundamental changes in reimbursement and how doctors and medical staff to manage their time.

 In an interview with Jacobson conceded that the article "is to be provocative," and be a call for health care providers to improve patient care.

Bill 10 principles on the rights of cancer patients

1. Risk Reduction

Patients have the right to be informed about the possibilities of reducing the risk of cancer, early detection of cancer and proper advice based on the best evidence.

2. Diagnosis

Patients with suspected cancer have a right to timely access to qualified, the rapid diagnostic testing and accurate interpretation of the results of their tests.

3. Interdisciplinary expertise

Patients who are diagnosed with cancer, and who can benefit in treatment planning by a multidisciplinary discussion, have the right to receive such services.

4. Treatment

Patients have the right to receive balanced information on treatment options, which is provided in plain language, and takes into account their priorities and values. They have the right to get answers to all their questions, including a frank and ongoing assessment of their prognosis. Patients have the right to receive relevant information on relevant clinical trials and have access to them.

5. Second Opinion

Patients may at any time to get a second opinion during the course of treatment.

6. Coordinated Care

Patients have the right to timely and coordinated implementation of all testing and treatment

7. Communication

Patients have the right to know the information exchanged between people who provide them with medical care.

8. Support Services

Patients are entitled to receive support services to address the health problems associated with cancer (emotional effects, pain, symptoms, side effects) and personal issues (financial management, care assistance).


Patients can count on the fact that their privacy will be protected by all members of the treatment group and support staff.

10. Aftercare

Patients have the right to receive the results of treatment by the end of therapy, which describes clearly how it will be seen their cancer, what signs or symptoms should be sought and who to contact when necessary


Date of publication: 
Thursday, March 12, 2020